1. SPT has different kinds of professional equipments to assist the physiotherapies and trainings.
  2. SPT can provide Clinical Pilates Training to clients and use Pilates Training for improving clients' body strengths and correcting gesture.
  3. SPT has professional electric treatment bed for all treatments.
  4. We provide a nice and chill environment for your to relax and rehab.

Why Us?
We are a team of health care providers who are experts in our own chosen field. Our range of expertise covers all aspects of physical rehabilitation. Our approach is a combination of current evidence based practice together with our hands on tried and tested techniques.

Why are we different?

When you come in for a session with us, we look at the whole body system. We look for the source of pain and dysfunction. We believe that your time spent with us is precious. We make sure that you get the best quality treatment possible. We have become patients ourselves and we know how it is to be like one. Our treatments are completely hands on. We rely on our hands and do not conform to traditional passive treatments.